Kaweco Frosted Sport Fine Lime M (Medium)


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Product type: Made by Kaweco in Germany,
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Frosted is the newest addition to the Kaweco Sport family. This part of the collection is characterized by the milky translucent body in six tender pastel colours:

  • Fine Lime,
  • Soft Mandarin,
  • Blush Pitaya,
  • Natural Coconut,
  • Sweet Banana,
  • Light Blueberry.

The weight and all dimensions for the “Frosted” pens are the same as for the other plastic pens in the Sport model range: 105 mm long while closed, 130 mm while posted. The total weight with cap and ink cartridge is 20 grams.

As all other Sports the new ones work with the Standard International ink cartridges and could be equipped with Kaweco Mini or Kaweco Squeeze converters for use with any bottled inks.