Pelikan E200 Gold-Plated Steel Nib M (Medium)


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Product type: Made by Pelikan in Germany,
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Pelikan E200 (also known as M200 nib) is a gold-plated steel nib unit for Pelikan pens. It fits any Pelikan pen in the following series: M200, M205, M215, M250, M400, M405, M600, M605.

Four tip widths are available: EF (extra-fine), F (fine), M (medium), B (broad). Polished steel variation of this nib is also available as BB (double broad).

Look through the Fountain Pen Nibs section of Scribe Market website to see other options.

The nib unit includes the steel nib (yellow gold color), the feed, and the threaded collar. Changing nib units on Pelikan pens is effortless. Just unscrew the old nib unit from the pen’s body and screw in the new one instead.

Warning: this nib unit will not work with Pelikan P200 or P205 cartridge/converter pens since it is not equipped with the plastic rod to perforate the tip of the ink cartridge.