Kaweco 060 14k Rhodium-plated gold nib B (Broad)


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Product type: Made by Kaweco in Germany,
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Kaweco 060 nib unit with 14 karats Rhodium-plated gold nib. Line width: B (Broad). This nib unit is compatible with the following Kaweco fountain pens:

  • Kaweco Classic Sport
  • Kaweco Skyline Sport
  • Kaweco Ice Sport
  • Kaweco AL Sport
  • Kaweco AC Sport
  • Kaweco AC Sport Carbon
  • Kaweco Brass Sport
  • Kaweco Liliput
  • Kaweco Calligraphy pen set
  • Kaweco Special AL
  • Kaweco Student
  • Kaweco Allrounder
  • Kaweco Dia2

The package includes complete nib unit: nib, feed, and collar. No other parts of a pen included. The nib and the feed are friction fit and could be easily removed from the collar with a gentle twist.